Maximizing Cost Savings and Ensuring Bearing Performance through Reconditioning

NSK BearingBearings take a beating, there’s no doubt about that. As highly tasked components in many diverse pieces of equipment, bearings are subject to a lot of wear and tear, all of which takes its toll. Even with the wear and tear on bearings it’s not always necessary to replace these components completely. In some cases, the bearings can be reconditioned and reinstalled to like new condition and continue to be used in the application.

Depending on the degree of wear, there are numerous repair categories the bearing can undergo, including cleaning, polishing, grinding, component replacement, resetting and refinishing.  Beyond assessing the damage, it’s important to consider the application that the bearing is utilized in and the conditions surrounding its use. These conditions can shed light on to why the damage is occurring and countermeasures can be put in place to combat future damage effects.

When a bearing is considered for reconditioning, NSK will conduct an evaluation process on the bearing to determine whether reconditioning is the best option or if complete replacement is necessary. In most cases if the cost to repair is more than 60% of the cost of new, a new will be recommended. This is a measurable cost savings to the customer and an assurance policy that the damage is not too excessive to be repaired.

Cost is a significant benefit for utilizing a reconditioning process.  The cost to recondition a bearing is typically 60% or less of the cost of a new bearing. Despite the many variables involved, this cost savings is the main determinant of whether to recondition a bearing, or to invest in a new one.  An additional benefit are decreased lead times. Manufacturing of a new bearing can take months, whereas reconditioning often takes only a matter of weeks.

Talking to your bearing manufacturer is the best way to decide if reconditioning is the best option for you and your application. Here at NSK, our skilled technicians can evaluate your bearing either on site or at our facility, free of charge. We’ll help you make the best choice and provide you with a reliable bearing for your application.

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