A Day in the Life of an NSK Field Services Specialist

At NSK, we take pride in being recognized as a leading global supplier of roller bearings, ball bearings, linear motion, and automotive components. Not only do we invest in supplying our customers with the highest quality products, but also our value-added services.  Within our Aftermarket Industrial Bearing Unit NSK has invested in a dedicatedCarl Casanova team of Field Services Specialists who offer national coverage to assist NSK existing and potential customers.

What, you might ask, sets the NSK Field Services team apart from the rest? We went out to find the answer.  NSK Field Services Manager, Carl Casanova, helps explain what makes the NSK Field Service Specialists so highly respected and unique within the bearing industry.

  • Proactive

Our Field Services team has a proactive approach.  When making an NSK purchase, we want to ensure you receive maximum value and bearing life.  In order to achieve this, the Field Services team schedules formal and hands-on training sessions focused on bearing maintenance, proper installation and machine assembly.

  • 50/50 Learning

 We find that the best learning occurs 50% in the classroom and 50% on-site. While structured classes are a great way to get the fundamentals, there is no substitute for hands-on training. Many maintenance crews learn best by doing, so our Field Services Specialists tailor training material to meet your company’s specific needs.

  • Bearing Assessment

NSK has established standard guidelines to determine if a bearing has failed. In many instances our Field Services Specialists can determine on-site why the bearing failed and if it can be repaired or reused. For some issues our Ann Arbor Technical Center or rework facility can also provide additional technical assistance. Our team wants to find the best solution that minimizes your company’s chances of unplanned downtime.

  • Cost Savings

NSK’s Field Service Specialists can save the end-user money.  NSK isn’t just providing a NSK service imagebearing, but also the exceptional service after the bearing purchase.   When customers’ purchase an NSK bearing, they are also purchasing a proactive, dedicated Field Services team whose main goal is to ensure that your bearing reaches its maximum life. The NSK Field Services team strives to reduce our customers’ risk of unscheduled down time caused by bearing failures.

To learn more about how NSK’s Field Service Specialists can make your business more profitable, visit our website or contact us at 88-THINKNSK (1-888-446-5675).

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