Give the Gift of Improved Bearing Maintenance from NSK!

Everyone loves the holidays: gifts, parties, and family. However, this year, thanks (or no thanks!) to a late Thanksgiving, the Christmas shopping season is very short. Picking out the perfect present can always be a challenge. At NSK, we have an out-of-the-gift-box suggestion, if your business relies on bearings to keep your machines running at peak performance, the best gift you can give or get are high quality bearing maintenance tools. Believe us when we say that having the proper training and tools to keep your bearing maintained, is the gift that will keep on giving!

To truly understand bearing assembly, you must master the art of mounting and dismounting bearings. Proper mounting is the key to improving the accuracy, life, and performance of your bearings and the machines they power. This is where having the right tools and training is critical. Thankfully, NSK has a wide variety of tools for every step in both mounting and maintaining your bearings.

  • ·FTN333

The FTN333 is a bearing fitting tool that is perfect for fast, precise, and secure bearing mounting. It works with bore diameters from 10 to 50 mm, is suitable for a wide range of bearing sizes.

  • ·BPN62

Our BPN62 is the bearing puller tool kit! It consists of six puller arm sets and two supporting spindles that are made for deep groove ball gearings from 10 to 100 mm shaft diameter. The BPN62 is lightweight (3.2kg) and completely user-friendly.


Because heating bearings saves so much time and energy, NSK’s latest generation of induction heaters: Hot Plate HPNSMALL and HPNLARGE are a great addition to your tool line. Both electrical hot plates are available in 230V/50Hz and 110V/60Hz, and include adjustable temperature settings ranging from 50°C to 200°C. They are perfect for heating small bearings or small machine parts

  • ·IHN010 HotSpot

We truly believe that NSK’s IHN010 HotSpot breaks new ground in the world of portable induction heaters. The IHN010 is lightweight, and can heat roller bearings with an inner diameter as small as 20mm (0.79in). It is so effective it can heat a bearing weighing 11 lbs. in less than four minutes!

  • ·NSK IHN080, IHN120, IHN300, IHN800

The rest of NSK’s induction heater line is equally amazing as our newest models. The IHN line has something for everyone, and can heat every type and size of bearing imaginable. In addition, if you can’t find a stock IHN induction heater to fit your needs, we also offer custom-made special heaters for large size components!

NSK’s tool line also includes pullers, pushers, straighteners, tri-section press plates, sine bar gages, hydraulic nuts, hydraulic pumps and spanner wrenches.

So this holiday season, give the gift of maintenance in agricultural, automotive, steel, semiconductor, or any number of industries. Don’t forget the role that bearing maintenance will play in a safe and successful 2014! To learn more about NSK’s wide range of bearing maintenance tools, visit our website or contact one of our bearing maintenance experts today!

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