NSK Presents Benefits of AIP at upcoming AISTech 2014

NSK’s Application Engineer, Paul Brda, summarizes one of the success stories that stemmed from our AIP program.  Our client was experiencing bearing failures on a Vertical Edger Mill application.  After proper inspection, NSK technical experts determined that failure was caused by contamination.  Over time, the bearing’s shape was deformed and failed to run properly.

To combat against this type of bearing failure, NSK recommended its proprietary STF material.  This material is exceptionally resistant to contamination denting, as well as good heat and dimensional stability characteristics, making it an ideal solution for steel mill applications.  Since the switch, the client has experienced $80,000 in cost savings over a 3 year period.  After one campaign, a 40% increase of the bearings can be re-used versus scrapped.

“STF material has been around for 20-25 years, but has been used primarily overseas in Japan.  It is important to raise awareness for use of STF in the U.S. market.”  Paul Brda.

To learn more about NSK’s STF Series Bearings for steel industry, attend AISTech 2014 where Paul will be one of the presenters.  He will be discussing this case study in more detail, Monday, May 5th 3-3:30 pm.  Sign-up to attend AISTech conference and visit NSK’s booth #1013.

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