NSK Americas : Taking Care of Our Planet

With just a few clicks around our website, you can see that NSK takes sustainability, recycling and the environment very seriously.

Everything we do, from our innovative ideas to our disposal of waste, is not put into action until we consider the effect it will have on our Earth.  As you can deduce from our environmental policy, being a green company is at the top of our priority list and we like to see the same in our clients and peers.

In 2013, NSK has taken major strides in the sustainability game. Just take a look at how much we have saved:

  • 39,200 trees (equivalent to 485,688,000 sheets of newspaper)NSK sustainability image
  • 1,028,000 gallons of oil (enough to heat 6,456 homes for a year)
  • 15,556,000 gallons of water (enough water to meet the daily fresh water needs of 207,413 Americans)
  • 53,300 gallons of gasoline (enough to drive 1,492,400 miles in a mid-sized car)
  • 52,938,000 kilowatt hours of electricity (energy to provide electricity for 6,456 homes for a year)

We would love to hear from the rest of you. What actions are you taking to look after the future of our planet? Leave us a comment and let us know. Let’s spread the word!

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