NSK’s AIP Program Saved this Company Over $80,000!

As was mentioned in our February blog “NSK’s Asset Improvement Program delivers documented costs savings for you – Our Customer.”, the 5th stage of our AIP program is to share best practice. This month’s blog will be doing exactly that by sharing with you the results of one of our AIP Case Studies.

We were approached by a cereal manufacturer who was concerned with the frequency that their production needed to be stopped in order to maintain their cereal bagging machinery. AIP Case Study #1 graphic

Once a month, this particular manufacturer needed to stop production due to cereal dust entering the carriage of the linear guide and causing the rails to fail.

After completing Stage One of our AIP Value Cycle ( Situational Analysis), we proposed installation of our K1™ Lubrication Unit, which not only lubricates with maintenance free operation but also acts as a seal to help keep out debris. This particular product ensures that fresh, continuous oil flows onto the rail or shaft during operation, which in this instance helps to keep the bagging machine from suffering from cereal dust build up.

Additional product features and benefits include:

  • Long-term, maintenance free operation
  • Effective in any mounting orientation
  • Up to 25,000 km without maintenance
  • Ideal for environments where grease replenishment is undesirable or where grease is easily washed away
  • Available on standard NSK linear guides, ball screws, linear actuators and robot modules

Through NSK’s expertise and innovative product line, the company was able to save $81,780 in annual maintenance.

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