NSK Pushes Safety Training to its Limits

Every manufacturing plant touts safety as their number one priority, as they should.  NSK is no different.  We consider safety our first and foremost priority. Our goal is to have a zero incident workplace and have made great strides in working toward this goal. nsk safety graphic

In 2009, one of our main manufacturing facilities in Japan instituted The Safety Dojo.  The objective of this training course was to educate employees on importance of safety and why it’s necessary to follow plant rules.  We discovered that requiring our team members to participate in these kinds of scenario and hands-on training reduced the number of accidents occurring on-the-job.  Those who received frequent training were better prepared to handle and respond to real life situations.

All of the manufacturing facilities operating in the United States employ a Safety Manager, who conducts monthly training to ensure that safety remains a top priority on the manufacturing floor.

We know that every plant enforces different ways to stress the importance of safety.   Do you have similar practices? Tell us! We would love to hear about it.

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