Even in extreme heat, contamination and corrosion, NSK bearings can still move the world.

Bearings make the world turn, literally. They help us move our cars, do our laundry and pave our streets.

Bearings are used in every day environments but there are cases where specialty bearings are needed in more demanding situations.  Whether it’s the steel they are made of, the grease they use or the coatings they have, specialty bearings are available for even the most demanding environments. nsk graphic for SPACEA bearings

NSK’s SPACEA Series addresses bearings for vacuum environments, corrosive environments, clean room environments, high temperature, non-magnetic and contaminated environments.

Applications that may be suitable for SPACEA include:


  • Vacuum Vapor Deposition Equipment
  • Robots for Vacuum Environments
  • Sputtering Equipment
  • Liquid Crystal Cleaning Equipment
  • Silicon Wafer Cleaning Equipment
  • Wafer Polishing Equipment
  • Cleaning Device
  • Furnace Conveyor
  • Aseptic Filling Equipment for Soft Drinks
  • Conveyor for Glass-Bottle Production Machine
  • Grain Dryer


  • YS High Temperature Bearing
  • N Series Thin Walled Bearings
  • Clean Lubricant V-DFO Bearings
  • Aqua Bearing- High Corrosion Resistant Resin Brgs
  • Hybrid Bearings
  • All-Ceramic Bearings
  • All-Ceramic Bearings
  • SJ High Temperature bearing w/ Solid Lubrication
  • Corrosion-Resistant Coated Bearings
  • Corrosion-Resistant Coated Bearings
  • Molded-Oil

SPACEA bearings include stainless steel and high corrosion resistant resin bearings that are suitable for environments surrounded by water, alkali and weak acids, even suitable for strong acid and reactive gas environments where corrosion is an issue.

Non-Magnetic Titanium Alloy Bearings are made for non-magnetic requirements in normal atmosphere or vacuum. SJ and YS High Temperature Bearings are suitable for high temperature and vacuum environments, and high corrosion resistant all ceramic bearings are great for highly corrosive environments such as those in food and beverage industry.

Even linear applications are covered under NSK  SPACEA with specialty seals, lubrication systems and coatings available on linear guides and ball screws.

No application is off limits. We will accept the toughest challenge to help you move your world.

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