Celebrating Manufacturing Day- Proud to be Part of the Industry

It is that time of year again when manufacturing in America takes a front seat in the consciousness of those in the industry.  October 3rd is a day where we take the time to appreciate the impact this industry has on society and what we as a company offer to the world and our local communities.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Manufacturing Day, it is an annual celebration of our industry that aims to show the general public what manufacturing is, and what it isn’t.  Since we here at NSK know how important it is to be a part of the community and spread the word about what it is that we do, we practice Manufacturing Day every day! Pride of working in the industry is something that should be shared and will help to keep younger generations interested, ensuring the industry’s future.  

A few of the programs that we participate in include:

·        Take Your Child to Work Day- NSK employees are encouraged to bring their children and join them in a day at the office/plant to see what they do and to foster and encourage interest in similar jobs in their future.

·        University SAE and other Racing Team Sponsorships- NSK sponsors many local and National race teams with engineering support as well as product to help drive these teams to success. We hope these young engineers find interest in NSK product and the manufacturing industry.

·        Community Job Fairs- NSK attends local job fairs to educate people on who we are and what we do for the community and the Nation.

Join the movement and spread the word. Let’s all celebrate this honorable community and this important day!

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