How to Recognize Authentic NSK Bearings


Last year we wrote a blog post about the growing problem of counterfeit bearings and over the past year we at NSK have been working to implement measures which will help combat the problem. First and foremost it is important for our customers to ensure they are purchasing our bearings from an authorized distributor. Customers can find authorized distributors on our homepage. We have also created a counterfeit page on our website to educate customers on what to look for, including proper branding, packaging, and inspecting the bearing.

Additionally, we have formed an anti-counterfeit team which meets quarterly to set up protocol for US Customs and Border Protection detention reviews, discuss issues and make any necessary updates to our internal matrix. We also work with government and custom officials to train them to help identify counterfeit bearings to stop them from entering the market. And we work closely with our distributors to educate them about the problem of counterfeiting.

To further our anti-counterfeit efforts we have partnered with the World Bearing Association (WBA) to bring more awareness to the issues surrounding counterfeit bearings. We also have partnerships with the US Customs and Border Protection, Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, Homeland Security Investigations, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance, and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.


Over the past 12 months we have seen a major spike in counterfeit seizures at the US borders and hope that our continued efforts will reduce the number of counterfeit bearings coming into the market. Any customer who believes they have counterfeit bearings can report the concern to the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center through our website.

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