Defend against Contamination with NSK’s Tough Steel Bearings

AIP logo (2)At NSK our bearings are used across a variety of industries and can help companies save money. In the mining industry, a reoccurring problem is contamination. In one case, we encountered both sides of an overland conveyor head pulley contaminated which resulted in bearing failure. The bearing failures led to bearings being replaced every 18 months. The conveyor system handled 60% of the plant production and these replacements not only cost money to repair but also resulted in lost production and downtime. The company simply could not afford to continue to replace the bearings every 18 months.

To provide a solution, NSK proposed the use of High Tough Steel Bearings, which have specifically been designed for harsh contaminated conditions, found in the mining and utilities sector. This NSK bearing type features a special steel material and innovative heat treatment technology, outperforming the standard bearing steel. High Tough Steel Bearings can also last up to 7 times longer with proper lubrication compared to conventional bearings that only perform 1.5 times the service life under clean lubrication.

Calculating the cost of maintenance, lost production, and replacement time, the company has been able to save over $5,000,000 by switching to NSK’s High Tough Steel Bearings. These bearings have lasted for 6 years without need for replacement. To learn more about all of NSK bearings and to view all of the case studies, visit our website. We also actively post company updates and industry news on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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