NSK Debuts New X1 Seal Technology for Machine Tools

X-1 Seal Technology

Industrial manufacturing equipment is continually exposed to harsh elements which include debris, dust, water, and even high temperatures.  These operating conditions can negatively impact the product life of ball screws within machinery equipment on your production floor.  In effort to minimize unplanned downtime, NSK has developed NEW X1 Seal technology.

Our new seal technology for ball screws is ideal for the machine tool industry but can also be applied to other high contaminant and harsh operating environments.  The X1 seal features a double seal structure. The first seal works to prevent particle penetration.  As a result, dust is reduced to less than 1/30 of existing standard seals sold in marketplace.  While the second seal acts to retain grease by reducing lubricant consumption and minimizing grease splatter.

In addition to providing superior dust reduction and grease retention, the X1 seal shape has been optimized to reduce heat generation which can also be a contributing factor to improved ball screw performance and longer product life.

This innovative ball screw seal technology is available for our HMS Series and selected sizes of the BSS Series.  To learn more about X1 seals visit our website, download product sheet, and watch demonstration.

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