Reduce Linear Bearing Failure with NSK

Manufacture of pipes

A metal pipe producer was experiencing excessive downtime due to continual linear bearing failure. The mill’s Nakata saw was breaking down twice a year due to contamination.  Failures led to downtime for maintenance, lost production and lost profits for the mill. Our NSK industry specialists examined the application and through our AIP Asset Improvement Program, suggested the use of NSK Linear Guides with K1™ Lubrication Units.

The K1™ Lubrication Unit is a self-lubricating system for the rail, but also acts as contaminant barrier.   It prevents contaminated material from entering carriage. By installing K1™ Lubrication Units to the NSK Linear Guides, the mill was able to run their Nakata saw for over two years without a change out. As a result, our solution saved the customer $5,684,000.

The K1™ Lubrication Unit can be used in any environment where grease replenishment is undesirable or where grease is easily washed away. The patented unit provides long-term, maintenance-free operation and can be effective in any mounting orientation. The K1™ Lubrication Unit is available on standard NSK linear guides, ball screws, Monocarrier™ actuators, and Robot Modules.  An FDA compliant option is also available upon request.

Through technological advances, like K1™ Lubrication Units, NSK has helped a number of our customers improve productivity, reduce cost, and increase product life. To learn more about the benefits of AIP, visit our website.

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