NSK Releases New NH/NS Series Linear Guides

New Linear Guides

NSK is excited to announce the release of a NEW linear guide product, the NH and NS Series. NSK’s state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technology were major contributors to development of the NH/NS Series. The NSK brand is known for high precision, quality and performance and its new NH/NS Series lives up to NSK standard by delivering the World’s Highest Load Rating. The new design allows for optimized distribution of contact surface pressure which results in increased load rating capacity and longer product life. By improving the design of the ball circulation path, the new series delivers increased smoothness and reduced noise levels making it an ideal option for high-speed applications.

These updated features allow customers to specify a linear guide of a smaller size that can still achieve required fatigue life (dependent of load conditions).  Not only will your machine last longer, but it can be built in a smaller envelope. Customers can also choose to install our NSK K1™ Lubrication Unit, which combines oil and resin into a single unit to further extend product life providing maintenance-free operation. The NH/NS Series are a drop-in replacement for LH/LS Series and are interchangeable.  Individual rails and sliders can be purchased as well as assemblies. Inventory is available for fast delivery of our standard sizes.

To find out more about our NH/NS Series download a copy of brochure or contact us directly. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for NSK news, product information and industry updates.

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