NSK Continues Its Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

globe & grassAt NSK we have always strived to develop products that help the world move while supporting the dreams of each new era and leading the quest for zero energy loss. To help our customers, stakeholders, and community follow our progress, we publish a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report each year. We have recently released our 2014 report, which has received the “Award for Excellence” by the Environmental Communication Awards for its clear presentation of our goals, performance, and environmental policy initiatives.

We focus our CSR report around five management principles to help guide our mission statement. Our five principles include: to serve our customers through innovative and responsive solutions, taking advantage of our world-leading technologies; to provide challenges and opportunities to our employees, channeling their skills and fostering their creativity; to identify that NSK’s resources meet present and future needs by being versatile, responsive, and dynamic; to work together with our employees and contribute to the communities in which we operate; and to manage our business to develop a strong international presence throughout the world.

Our 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility report highlights areas where we have achieved our goals such as fostering a management structure that helps support sustainable growth.  As an international company we also work extensively within our local communities to promote science and technology, help develop the next generation’s workforce through regional outreach and support local communities health and welfare initiatives. Lastly, we discuss what NSK is doing environmentally to ensure our products are helping customers improve productivity and decrease environmental impact.

As we celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2016, we will uphold our Corporate Message by providing communication to our customers, stakeholders and community while striving to grow our vision for the future. To view our entire CSR report, visit our website. For more NSK news,  follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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