NSK Bearings in the Medical Industry

PET ScannerThe medical industry is constantly evolving. It has come a long way since the wooden prosthetic devices used by Egyptians in 950 BC! Today, the medical industry includes everything from robotic surgical arms to wearable technology. As health care, pharmaceutical and medical research sectors continue to evolve, they will rely on manufacturers to deliver innovative, reliable and maintenance-free solutions.

At NSK, we are a world-leader in providing RoHS-compliant linear motion products that can be used in a wide range of medical and healthcare-related equipment such as imaging, diagnostics, and robotic surgery. NSK linear guide products are recognized for their superior quality and performance, but are also interchangeable.  Rail and sliders can be purchased separately for customer’s convenience.  Not only do we ensure that our NEW NH/NS Series will provide the World’s Highest Load Ratings, but we also have standard sizes available in stock for fast delivery.  Patients who undergo testing from CT, PET, and MRI scanning devices demand the highest level of care; therefore NSK believes in manufacturing products that provide smooth, quiet and low friction motion. Not only have NSK’s products experienced success in medical imaging, but we have also utilized the compact size, low noise and maintenance-free characteristics of our PU/PE Miniature Series for dental milling machines.

Our BSS Series ball screw has proven successful within the arm of surgical robot. Its compact size, space-saving design and maintenance-free operation are all beneficial to meeting the demand for smooth, accurate, precise and repeatable movement.

Our linear actuator has been utilized in testing equipment used for medical diagnostics. The MCM Series Monocarrier™ is available in miniature sizes and offers a compact, space-saving design that delivers smooth motion, low vibration and high rigidity.

Each of these product lines include or have the option to add K1™ Lubrication Units. Our K1™ product features a self-lubricating system ideal for environments where grease replenishment is undesirable or easily washed away.  Not only does the continuous oil flow keep the rail or shaft lubricated during operation, but our K1™ Lubrication Unit also acts as barrier against contaminants.   This product has been proven to extend product life and provide long-term, maintenance-free operation.

To learn more about our products for the medical industry, visit our website. You can also get more medical news and company updates on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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