NSK Rolls Out NH-NS Series Linear Guides and Bakery Save Dough

A bakery was experiencing linear failures every three weeks on their band cutter machines.  The previous supplier’s linear guides were under-performing and causing excessive maintenance, downtime and lost production.  NSK recommended the NEW   NH-NS Series Linear Guides with food grade grease and FDA compliant K1™ Lubrication Units.  As a result, the linear guides performed 10 times longer and at a 20% faster production speed than the competition’s linear guide.

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NSK applied its Asset improvement Program (AIP) to deliver a cost savings of $229,120 for the bakery. After speaking to the customer and inspecting the linear guides, NSK proposed switching to the NH-NS Series Linear Guides in Stainless Steel equipped with FDA compliant K1™ Lubrication Units.  We’d learned that the previous supplier was using a material that wasn’t meeting expectations.  Another objective of the bakery was to improve operating speed from 250 cycles per minute to 310 cycles per minute.

High speed capability is a standard feature of NSK’s NEW NH-NS Series linear guides.  In
addition, this product operates under extremely high load rating and delivers smooth, precise motion.

New Linear Guides

NSK’s quality product decreased the replacement interval from 3 weeks to every 32 weeks!  This significantly reduced downtime and maintenance for the bakery with a total cost savings of $229,120 when all five of their band cutter machines were interchanged with NSK linear guides.

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