NSK Innovation Saves a Semiconductor Customer 50% on Bearing Replacement!


A band saw machine, used to cut silicon wafers for semiconductor industry, was experiencing multiple bearing failures.  NSK visited the manufacturing facility to diagnose the issue. It was determined that the lubrication was being washed away and silicon particles were entering the raceways, which had led to bearing failure.  This problem was occurring on 4 separate machines totaling 384 bearings per year.

nsk graphic for SPACEA bearings

Applying AIP, NSK proposed that the existing double-sealed bearings with standard lubrication be replaced with Deep Groove Ball Bearing with Molded-Oil™.  This innovative bearing is impregnated with an oil material that is suitable for clean-room environments where lubrication is commonly washed away.  Molded-Oil™ provides a continuous supply of lubrication eliminating need for constant re-lubrication and also acts as a contaminant barrier.

In addition to Molded-Oil™ being used to prevent entry of silicon particles, NSK also recommended double contact seals.  By switching over to NSK’s Deep Groove Ball Bearing with Double Contact Seals and Molded-Oil™, the customer was able to cut bearing replacement in half from 384 bearings to just 192 bearings which resulted in $10,551 in cost savings.

To find out more about NSK Molded-Oil™, visit here or contact your local NSK representative to learn more about AIP and how we could help you increase efficiency and reduce cost.  Don’t forget to follow us on Linked-In, Facebook, and Twitter to stay updated on all the latest related to Semiconductor and other industries that utilize NSK products.

Download case study here.

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