As the FDA passes more laws focused on benefiting the health and welfare of its consumers, the Food & Beverage industry must adapt.  In 2015, four major issues were at the forefront:

  1. Ban on partially hydrogenated oils
  2. New 2015 Dietary Guidelines
  3. National policy on genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  4. Greater transparency with end consumer regarding manufacturing process, quality, sustainability, effect on environment, etc.

In certain cases, these changes may have required a manufacturer to completely re-formulate its production process.    In addition to these major issues, the food & beverage industry must ensure that their processing facilities deliver quality product efficiently.

As in the case with one beverage manufacturer, their bottle labeling machine wasn’t running efficiently.  The bearings within the machine were failing every 3 weeks, causing excessive down time, maintenance and replacement costs.  NSK visited the facility and performed a bearing inspection.  They found that poor lubrication and contamination were the leading causes of the bearing failure.

NSK Deep Groove Ball Bearing with Solid Lube

NSK Deep Groove Ball Bearing with Solid Lube

NSK recommended upgrading to an NSK Deep Groove Ball Bearing with Solid Lube along with use of a Double Contact Seals (6004DDU).  NSK Solid Lube is a solid lubrication mixture of polymers, oils and additives that can be customized to meet specific lubrication requirements.  Its porous structure fills the space between the rolling elements and raceway preventing entry of foreign objects.  Continuous oil lubricates the bearing surface; therefore, no additional lubrication is needed during its bearing life.  Solid Lube is available in H-1 and H-2 formulas which meet USDA and FDA standards.

DD-DDU seal

Double Contact Seal

The use of Solid Lube not only lubricates the bearing; but also helps minimizes the entry of contaminants.  To provide maximum protection against contaminants, NSK recommended a double contact seal (DDU).  The seal is patent pending and features a triple lip mechanism this is ideal for highly contaminated environments.

Upgrading to NSK, the customer’s replacement interval increased from 3 weeks to 6 months resulting in annual savings of $10,680.

If you’d like to receive more information about NSK seals and/or lubricating solutions, please contact us or visit our website.   And don’t forget to follow us on Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on NSK product news related to the Food & Beverage industry.

Free download of NSK case study.

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