NSK increased Bearing Performance and saved Cement Manufacturer more than $200,000!

Cement SAF Housing

Contamination is a leading cause of bearing failure.  Heavy industrial applications are susceptible to even higher levels of contamination compared to others.  In order to combat against contamination and improve bearing performance, NSK applied AIP to suggest product changes that resulted in over $200,000 in savings.

A hammer mill application was using a competitor’s SAF pillow block and bearing that was failing after only 4 months of operation.  Upon inspection, NSK determined that debris had entered the block.  Excessive change-outs were causing significant financial strain in lost production and maintenance cost.

NSK proposed changing from a standard labyrinth LER seal to a NSK Spherical Roller Bearing inside a SAF Pillow Block (SAF22538) with Taconite Seal TER155OS.


TER-OS Taconite Seal


The TER-OS taconite seals are designed to prevent entry of contaminants in severe service conditions.  Each seal is equipped with a shaft contact spring-loaded oil seal, grease-charged channel, felt shaft seal and O-ring seal in the housing labyrinth to form an impenetrable barrier and provide a tight, yet flexible fit.  The use of this seal protected the spherical roller bearing within the SAF housing to achieve longer life.  The NSK solution provided over 2 years of service life compared to 4 months service life from competitor’s product.

Cost Savings Breakdown:

Competitor Product

Bearing Installation: 5 installs @ $2,981  = $14,905

Maintenance Cost: 40 hrs x 2 personnel @ $150 per hour = $12,000

Lost Production: 500 tons @ $90/ton x 5 failures = $225,000

Total:  $251,905

NSK Solution

Bearing Installation: 1 install @ $2,981  = $2,981

Maintenance Cost: 8 hours x 2 personnel @ 150 per hour  = $2,400

Lost Production: 500 tons @ $90/ton x 1 install  = $45,000

Total:   $50,381

Total Cost Savings:  $201, 524

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