Reduce Design Time and Gain Technical Support with NSK Integrated Products

What is integration?

Industrial manufacturing machinery requires components that can work together to achieve a specific function. Integration can be defined as the coordination of processes into an integral whole. Commonly referred to as a ‘one stop solution’, integration significantly reduces investment of time required to manage procurement, assembly and installation. NSK’s experienced staff of Application Engineers can specify what motion control components are needed for an application and provide technical support.

How does NSK offer integration?

NSK manufactures a wide selection of products including ball screws, linear guides, actuators, Robot Modules™, Megatorque™ motors, radial bearings and accessories.  All of these core products can be integrated to deliver a customized solution.

NSK offers four different linear actuator series within its standard product line: Moncarrier™ (MCM and MCH Series), Toughcarrier™ (TCH Series) and Robot Modules™ (MR Series).  Each of these series is available in different size, stroke and payload combinations.  Customers can purchase each component separately or configured into a multi-axis solution. All of these product lines reduce design time and optimize performance.


  • Ball screw, linear ball guide and support units integrated into one structure.
  • Lightweight, compact design.
  • Long-operating life, maintenance-free operation and simple assembly.


  • Ball screw, linear roller guide and support units integrated into one structure.
  • High load capacity and rigidity.
  • Long-operating life, maintenance-free operation and simple assembly.

Robot Module™

  • Complete linear axis high precision systems.
  • Incorporates NSK ball screw, linear guide and Monocarrier™ products.
  • Reduces time and labor costs due to pre-assembled one-axis integration.
  • High rigidity, long life and smooth motion

NSK’s line of precision products can be integrated into one-axis or complex designs.   For example, integrating a ball screw into a motor mount would be considered a one-axis solution; however, designing a multi-axis, stand-alone system would be an example of a complex integration.

Benefits of Choosing to Integrate with NSK

Regardless of the integration level required, each customer will experience the following benefits:

  • Reduces customer design and integration time.
  • Saves customer time to focus on other aspects of the project.
  • Eliminates procurement costs from multiple suppliers.
  • Ensures peace of mind; all integrated products are assembled by trained experts.
  • Maintains ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards by routinely auditing components, personnel and assemblies.

To learn more about NSK’s integration capabilities, visit or reference our Integration Capabilities for XY Tables and Precision Linear Motion catalog.

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