Reduce Bearing Consumption in Wind Power Applications

Are you conscientious about the environment around you?  Good!… so are we.

For over a century, NSK has pledged to develop technology and create products that help reduce our environmental impact.  Products manufactured by NSK focus on four core technologies: tribology, numerical simulation, materials and mechatronics. From R&D and design to production, each NSK product is designed to ensure optimal performance.

Wwind generator turbines in sky

80% of bearing failures are attributed to contaminated environments and poor lubrication.  To combat against bearing failure, NSK has developed a patented heat treatment process to reduce bearing failure that results from these conditions.

The family of Tough Steel products offers solutions across many industries including cement, mining, metals, paper, and wind energy.  Lab analysis has proven that anti-white structure-tough steel (AWS-TF) lasts 7 times longer and Super Tough Steel (STF) lasts 4 times longer than through hardened steel against white etch cracking.

NSK Tough Steel Comparison

tough steel chart

Non-renewable fossil fuels such as coal, oil & natural gas are heavily relied upon within the United States.  As the population rapidly increases, the need for alternative sources of energy continues to increase.  In 2017, Americans used 60,000 megawatts of wind power as a renewable energy resource.    Less than a decade ago, wind power was considered an alternative energy resource-a new technology.  Today, large wind farms are in operation throughout the United States.

As the use of wind turbines increase, the sub-sector of professionals needed to service and maintain machinery within the wind turbine also increases.  Maintenance may need to be performed on the main shaft, gearbox and generators of wind turbines.  These three areas of the turbine rely on bearings to operate efficiently.

Tough Steel bearings are an ideal solution for use within wind turbines.  Utilizing Tough Steel minimizes bearing failure that results from white structure and other debris-related damage providing superior wear and smear resistance.   White structure results from sub-surface formations that develop from exposure to changing weather conditions.   The use of Tough Steel resists the microstructural changes that cause flakes and axial cracks associated with white structure.

Utilizing this technology helps wind farms reduce maintenance, reduce bearing consumption and optimize wind power as a renewable energy source.

To learn more about NSK bearing solutions for wind power, watch our series on Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr., originally aired via Fox Business on Saturday, July 22 @ 5:00 pm ET.  Click here to access video link.

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